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True craftsman traditions passed down through two generations

As a busy workshop of five Master jewellers, gemologist & trader we like to lend our hands to traditional jewellery restoration as well as unique and specialised projects that test our expertise and push the boundaries of design. Make an appointment today.


Let us take on your creation as if it was one of ours.

Work with a Master jeweller to polish and/or develop your idea. From concept and sketch through to creation and refinement, we pride ourselves on expert advice and craftsmanship. 


Seek specialised service from one of the team.


Not sure where to start? We can provide valuation and advice on any precious item or idea. This includes repair, recreating a design, gemology or the best approach to a project involving metals and or custom molds.


It requires technical skill, a bit of magic and design.


Update a treasured item or remodel into a new heirloom. Retell a story or start anew. We'll work together to ensure your recreation holds the narrative you seek. 


Maintain your favourite pieces so they stand the test of time.


We offer a complete repair on all fine jewellery and offer free polishing to existing customers.

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